Hotel Villa Hammerschmiede

The emergence of the house

The historical origin of today's Villa Hammerschmiede is closely linked to the history of the hammer mill in Söllingen. As early as the 18th century, the margrave and later Grand Duke Karl-Friedrich felt it was important "to promote the prosperity and diligence of his country" by founding the hammer mill on the border between Söllingen and Kleinsteinbach.

Weaponsmith Johann Goblée planned the work, which was only put into operation by his widow as a hammer mill. In 1893, the current hotel was built as the director's residence by the owner at the time.
In 1930, the Gottfried Herte company sold the property to the Baden-based Wolfram Werke from the Krupp AG.

The heyday of the company began with the Krupp era, which ended in 1973 with the sale and dismantling of the plant. In 1989, the entrepreneur Norbert Schwalbe acquired this property in order to fulfill a dream by converting it into a particularly lovable hotel.

You can find out more about the history in our small library.

The house today

Today, the villa is one of the best addresses in Germany.